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AYFB Urges Zurab Alavidze for Promptly Revision of Tender Regulations

AYFB Urges Zurab Alavidze for Promptly Revision of Tender Regulations

Association of Young Financiers and Businessmen (AYFB) urges Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Georgia Zurab Alavidze to promptly revise regulations for conducting major road-infrastructural tenders.

The first part of AYFB research exposed serious violations and errors and even law enforcement bodies may be invited to comprehensively explore the existing malpractices. Therefore, the Ministry and the whole Authorities should take efficient steps immediately to eradicate manipulative schemes in road infrastructure construction process.

The current ugly practice of conducting tenders should be changed as soon as possible. Compliance of tender terms and agreements signed with winner companies should be verified. In most cases, key parts of tender conditions are not included in agreements. As a result, quality of construction works fail to satisfy due requirements and  corruption deals are concluded.

All changes in tender conditions, be it full or partly revision of the project or an inclination from environment impact reports, should be publicized. A state-assigned body should carry out an expertise, while the technical supervision and construction agency of Ministry of Economy should issue a building permit anew.

AYFB urges Ministry of Infrastructure to toughen contracts for relation with supervisory companies and broaden the range of their responsibility, because population of Georgia pays millions of GEL for constructing major road-infrastructural projects, but receives low-quality infrastructure and roads.

Monthly reports should be published by supervisory companies in media editions, so as our society have accurate and trustworthy information on implementation of projects.

Changes in major road and infrastructural works should be approved by the Government, based on due expert conclusions submitted by Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Implementation of projects should become transparent in terms of financial transactions. Any new transaction should be approved through publishing acts of acceptance and delivery, which accompany previous financial operations, in media editions.

The young financiers urge Ministry of Infrastructure to enhance  control over  roads and infrastructure construction and supervision companies whether they meet deadlines and technological procedures. The Ministry should timely apply commissions under legislation and provide immediate reaction to information delivered by supervisory companies and eradicate all violations.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development should develop a bill of amendments to the current law on regulations  of conducting tenders and commencement of projects with contrahents, ensure publicity of project delivery, process transparency based on best management principles.

Finally, the young financiers urge Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development: – Mr. Minister, just take Kaladze as your model, who has decided  to revise tender documentation of municipal infrastructural projects. As a result, the quality  of project implementation, designing works and delivery process will be obligatorily controlled.