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AYFB to Examine Highway Construction Works for Legal Compliance

AYFB to Examine Highway Construction Works for Legal Compliance

Association of Young Financiers and Businessmen (AYFB) plans to conduct a public monitoring of major infrastructural tenders and quality of their implementation.

Over the past years, a major part of the state budget is spent on infrastructural projects and the current year is a special one in this respect. Regrets about low-quality and invaluable implementation of projects grows day by day.

According to primary examinations,  the tender participant companies may be exposed of dishonest  offering  of much less funds than required for valuable implementation of tender conditions, with the aim to win the competition. As a result, projects may be implemented with essential violations because of lack of due amount of finances and because of easily winning schemes.  Environment impact assessment norms are not protected either. To improve the mentioned shortcomings and to fully finish the works, the state budget has to allocate unforeseen expenditures and therefore, projects implementation is protracted.

AYFB believes that these circumstances generate problems in many directions. Namely, fair competition principles are violated; honest companies are not allowed to efficiently implement projects; unfinished road infrastructure projects frustrate road traffic and cause much discontent and anxiety in the population; the state budget expenses grow; Many questions arise about corruption in state structures and so on.

Consequently, initially, AYFB has showed interest in several major road infrastructure projects, including 18.5 kilometer Samtredia-Grigoleti highway and Tbilisi-Rustavi highway projects; Kobuleti bypass road, Zestaponi-Kutaisi bypass road project and Rikoti Pass approach project (Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti).

AYFB has already forwarded corresponding questions to Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure and Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture. AYFB will submit primary results of the research to the society in the nearest future about implementation of the above-mentioned project. The report covers such issues as:

  • General conditions, requirements and values of tender;
  • Participant companies and winning conditions;
  • Technical and qualitative details for road construction; regulations for supply of fulfilled works and their protection quality;
  • whether companies have requested any changes to the project that make the project more expensive;
  • Quality of environment impact norms in the construction process and their monitoring;
  • Financial documents related to project implementation and so on.

At the same time, there are doubts that Georgian legal regulations on approval of road construction projects and approval of amendments to the projects are violated and construction works, after changes to the initial rojects are implemented by violation of Georgian legislation, international agreements, international norms and procedures.

After making changes to projects, documents may not pass legal procedures, examination procedures and environment impact assessment. Illegal construction activities may be also reported.

It is important that there should not be any questions about corruption in state structures and works fulfilled by the companies as part of major and important infrastructural tenders.