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Averaged Annual Heat Leakage from Walls Hits 48%, Floors Heat Leakage is 13%

Positive and efficient features of energy efficient system that comprise both ecological and financial efficient aspect have long become an ordinary and usual component for population in developed countries.

Consequently, they use innovative technologies successfully counting on long-term benefits.

What is the situation in Georgia in this respect? 

Government of Georgia assures that energy efficient systems will reduce electricity and natural gas consumption.

Gela Gelashvili, director of E. Andronikashvili Institute of Physics, explained that the demand for energy carriers will rise by 53% after 2030 and CO2 emission will increase by 55%. Energy efficiency policy is an only solution, he said.

The physician also talks about the current heat leakage tendencies and noted that averaged annual heat leakage from walls makes up 48% and from floors – 13%. Therefore, nanotechnologies are of crucial importance for constructing foundations, walls and roofs, as well as for thermal insulation of hot and cold water pipelines and so on.
“Nanotechnologies enable to receive a micro space of 25-micron diameter that is a key component in VESTUS thermal insulators”.

Experts and specialists talk about necessity of establishing energy efficient systems. All nanotechnology products are unique and timely and their employment is important and necessary, they noted.

Giorgi Tsintsadze, co-founder and chief executive director of Sigma

Technology&Solutions, an innovative products manufacturing company, noted: “The situation is changing in this direction in Georgia and we welcome this tendency”.

At the same time, the global market innovations are not attainable for our population, excluding VESTUS construction products of nano technologies, he said. Today there is much demand for these products on Georgian market. It should be noted that VESTUS has no analogue in Georgia in terms of quality and prices and all research works have proved this consideration, Giorgi Tsintsadze said.