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Average Wages of Employees Citizens in Georgia

Average monthly salary of 46% of employees in Georgia is below 400 GEL, while 1% of Georgian citizens receive more than 8 333 GEL salary a month.

According to the digital information system of Revenue Service of Georgia, salary declarations were filled out for 1 222 153 physical bodies in 2017. According to PMC survey, the annual incomes of 46% of physical bodies (565 950 persons) constituted less than 400 GEL, while incomes of 1% (9 826 persons) exceeded 8 333 GEL. 

The ratio of physical bodies with less than 1000 GEL salary a month accounts for 74% (914 227 persons) in 2017, while the ratio of Georgian citizens with more than 1000 GEL salaries constituted 26% (307 926 persons). 

Despite the averaged nominal salary has increased, extreme difference is reported between wages due to the economic fields. In 2017 the three highest-paid sectors were: finance and insurance (2008 GEL), vocational, scientific and technical trades (1595) and development sector (1466). The lowest salary was reported in the following sectors: accommodation and food products supply (672 GEL), agribusiness (643 GEL) and education (577 GEL).