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An Average Tourist Spends 1059 GEL in 3 Days in Achara

Tourist Department of Achara published the research about foreign visitors in Achara in April-June in 2016. According to the data, 909 visitors were interviewed at the border before they left the country.

The research revealed that in April-June period most of foreign tourists (45.4%) visited Achara with their friends and 31.1% of them were alone. Most of them stay in Achara 2-3 nights.

The whole cost of visit in Achara amounts to 1059 GEL for an average tourist. It includes food, accommodation, entertainment and other activities. International transport which the tourists use is also included in this data. 

Similarly to the previous statistics, most of tourists in Achara came to see the nature and landscapes (55.7%), for gambling (9,1%). 90% of visitors were eco-tourists,  wine tourists amounted to 38,64% and cultural tourists were 31.24%.

As it was demonstrated in the previous 3 survey, 72% tourists are extremely satisfied to have spent their holiday in the region. 95% of them wish to visit it again.

As for problematic issues, the percentage of tourists make complaints is very law. Only 1,03% of tourists complained about weather and 0,42% about the road infrastructure.