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Authorities to Limit an Impact of Gambling on Minors

The Parliament of Georgia intends to develop a law limiting the impact of gambling on minors.

Of 100 respondents 67 teenagers say  they use casino and  totalizator services  – both on line and real – these are the conclusions made   by the non-governmental organization “Man, Law , Freedom”.
According to the NGO, online casinos and betting have the largest number of users.

According to the survey, the organization requires the Parliament and Government to pass a law limiting the age of the clients and check everyone who enters the gambling establishments. To do this, experts believe, a paragraph  of “checking the documents if there is reasonable suspicion” about the age of the client should be removed from the law.

According to the head of the organization George Mgvdelidze,  the problem of online casinos is more serious since there are no controls over the age of the user, and in his opinion, it is necessary to oblige the companies to monitor this issue.

According to psychologist Levan Shatberashvili, namely on-line casinos are the biggest problem, and it cannot be solved as long as this Internet segment is controlled.

“Gambling has a negative impact on teenagers. In Tbilisi, almost half of adolescents are somehow involved in this activity. It is known to all, but no one wants to do anything with it. In the end it leads to big problems – impoverishment of the population, loss of property, etc. “- said the psychologist.

In his words, the introduction of this regulation will be of a formal nature and will  not change the current situation.

“These prohibitions do not bring any real results. The solution lies in providing opportunities for young people who enjoys gambling to do something else. The overall situation in the country should be different, “- he notes.