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As Easter Arrives – Business Sector Expects Higher Spending

The Easter is always celebrated with special mood in Georgia. Preparations start several days earlier. People make Easter Cakes symbolizing the Golgotha, the mountain, where the Savior was crucified on Friday. Eggs are colored in red on Friday and this tradition also symbolizes the Savior Crucifixion.

The Caucasus Business Week (CBW) has inquired when Easter cakes sales will start, how much they will cost and where they will be sold, as well as expectations of egg production companies for the coming Easter.

It turned out Georgian confectionery stores have started preparations for the Easter. They will offer various Easter cakes of various sizes and prices.

Ipkli company has already launched production of Easter Cakes. Distribution is carried out stage by stage and will cover all networks. Prices will not be corrected and they will be identical to the prices of the previous years.

Ipkli deputy director general Bakar Bakuradze explained that prices have increased slightly, by about 0.50 GEL, because of packing expenses.

Price of Easter Cakes range from 2 GEL (250 gram) to 6 GEL (650 gram), he said. There is much competition on the market and we follow the market demands, Bakuradze noted.

LLC Ipkli will sell products mainly in Tbilisi, as well as in several cities nearby Tbilisi and in Kutaisi. Clients will be able to buy Easter cakes of Ipkli company at major shopping malls and small stores, he said.

Nino Mamulashvili, director for French-Georgian Gurme confectionery store, explains that Easter Cakes production has already started. Gurme products are oriented on medium and high segments.

Gurme products are made of natural milk and butter. Consequently, the price of one kilogram of Easter Cake is 10 GEL, 1.2 kilograms – 15 GEL.

Gurme company launched baking Easter Cakes  five years ago. Prices have not changed compared to the previous years, Mamulashvili noted.

Gurme director explained that Easter Cakes are sold in Tbilisi, at two branches of the company (on Paliashvili Street and Aghmashenebeli Avenue).

The company makes focus on corporate orders, Mamulashvili added.

Keti Ujmajuridze, head of production of Asorti confectioneries bakery, noted that the company has started Easter Cakes production and the product will appear on the market in 1-2 days. At this stage, the company is carrying out calculation process. Therefore, Easter Cakes prices are being still determined, she said.

As to egg manufacturer companies, Patardzeuli company head Otar Muchiashvili explained that the company does not expect sales to hike for coming Easter, because the market is oversaturated.

Therefore, Patardzeuli company will not increase eggs production for the Easter period.

«After the Easter period the demand for eggs will fall and I will have to throw away product», Muchiashvili said.

Price of one egg is about 22-24 Tetri, he noted.

Zurab Uchumbegashvili, head of Kumisi egg manufacturing company and chairman of Poultry Production Development Association, explained that preparations have started for the coming Easter. The supply will satisfy the demand and prices will not be revised, he added.

Price of Kumisi egg will be 25-32 Tetris, Uchumbegashvili said.