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Aric Group Constructs Vinichio Valley Green Tourist Center in Sagarejo

Partnership Fund and Aric Group signed a common memorandum. Aric Group is an investment company created with foreign capital which implements projects in the field of agriculture, food industry and tourism.

According to memorandum, the companies want to develop a common business, Vinichio Valley. They want to produce wine and pistachio on the land owned in Sagarejo region. Executive director of Partnership Fund, Davit Saganelidze, minister of Agriculture Levan Davitashvili and Deputy Minister of Economy took part in the event of signing the memorandum.

“I believe that it is one of the interesting projects because, for the first time, Georgia has a chance to become pistachio producer and exporter country”- declared the director of Partnership Fund, Davit Saganelidze. 

The largest-scale project of the company is Vinichio Valley- development of Green touristic center in Sagarejo. The main focus of the project is production of Georgian pistachio and wine. On further stage, it is planned to construct three different factories to produce dried fruits, pistachio and wine. Aric group works in the direction of tourism as well and plans to construct 150 five-star tourist villas. The last stage of the project includes development of sport and entertainment service such as polo, gulf, horse-riding and skydiving.

At this stage, 125 hectares of industrial vineyard land and 50 hectares of orchard lands are cultivated. It is planned to cultivate more hectares of lands for the development of agriculture. Different infrastructural works are already in the process such as the construction of greenhouse and laboratory. The company is going to complete the works in agricultural field by 2018.