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Ardi – One of the Stable Leaders in the Georgian Insurance Market

The insurance company Ardi is one of the stable market leaders. According to the results revealed by the  Insurance Supervision Service, Ardi steadily holds a leading position  for 2 years.

The Business Development Director at the insurance company Ardi Group Misha Japaridze says  that the insurance market has grown  compared to the same period of last year. As per the data for six months, it makes  9 percent of the total market  and takes the fourth place among the leaders, it is in the background when our company is very young compared to other market leaders who have been operating  in the market for 10-15 years, ” – Japaridze notes.

Japaridze explains  that according to 6 –month data,  Ardi is mainly engaged in  the medical, auto and property insurance. In addition, it holds the market’s biggest percentage share , for example, in terms of financial risk protection. The year 2013 was a year of rapid growth for the company.

In the words of Japaridze, apart from  a flexible and high-quality system, the reason for the company’s success is  loyal relations with clients which is reflected in the protection of the customer’s interest.

“Ardi is the only company which sues with the state to  protect the interests of its client what other companies try to avoid, “- Japaridze adds.

He notes  the company is constantly evolving, adds new services and any tools that may be needed to the client.