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Archi Group

Archi Group, Development Company That Prioritises Quality and Ecology

Archi Group was founded in 2006. The company has been implementing many large-scale construction projects in various fields in Tbilisi and regions. The company makes focus on housing and development projects; Archi Group has finished 6 residential buildings, 1 commercial project and 8 ongoing projects in Tbilisi.

In the nearest 3 years, about 10 new projects will be implemented. In 2010 Archi Group expanded the range of activities and launched hotel construction projects in Georgia. Currently, two European-level hotels function in Shovi and Kvariati (Sunset Shovi and Sunset Kvariati). Moreover, the company plans to unveil 3 new top-class hotels in Tbilisi and one international brand  hotel with European standards in Bakuriani.

Archi Group has also launched construction of Ytong plant in Tbilisi jointly with German giant company Xella to manufacture energy effective and fire-resistant structural blocks. The project’s investment value made up 15 million USD and the company will produce first products in the first half of 2018.

All construction projects of Archi Group are fully financed by foreign investments and this factor creates precondition for timely finishing all projects. With focus on European standards, Archi Group prioritizes to care for environment, city appearance and green zones, along with providing high-quality residences for Georgian citizens.

Archi Tower, a premium-class 23-floor multifunctional residential complex, proves this assertion. It is located on Chavchavadze Avenue N37, from where picturesque panoramic views open to the Vake Park and the Turtle Lake. The project’s total space is 35 000 square meters and total value makes up 35 million USD.

The founder of Swiss Capital, who does business in Georgia, is one of those who has given preference to Archi Group, especially Archi Tower.

Eyal Elboim has been implementing investments in various directions in Georgia, including in the real estate direction.

His comment on the question: Why Archi Tower?!

When I decided to make investments in Georgia, I comprehensively explored companies operating in the country, including on the real estate market. In that period many development companies had to suspend construction processes because of financial problems. As a result, thousands of customers have suffered from financial losses.  In that period Archi Group was one of those companies that withstood all challenges and intensified construction works instead of deceleration.

Consequently this was a main factor because of which I have decided to show interest in projects of Archi Group. I have actively supervised the company activities. I have explored construction materials that they use, for example, German structural block Ytong that is ecologically clean and considerably reduces energy costs for consumers. Moreover, the block is persistent to fire for about 4 hours. Therefore, structures built by Ytong blocks are much safer. The time factor is very important for me, as a businessman. And Archi Tower provides all comforts for business people: 24 hour doorkeeper’s services, lobby, swimming pool, fitness hall.

Moreover, this complex also comprises 24-hour supermarket, a pharmacy, various branded stores, bank and other facilities. I can enjoy all these additional comforts directly thanks to elevator. And this will enable me to save time, avoid traffic jams in the city to get desirable thing, products or services.

When buying an apartment, many problems are related to repair works such as rooms design, purchase of materials, search of masters to ensure ideal fulfillment of all details. This issue requires much time and energy, but apartment owners are able to resolve all issues by visiting  the office only once in Archi Tower. All repair materials are German and Italian. All the above-mentioned proves righteousness of my decision.