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Arabuli Art House – Intangible Cultural Heritage Turned into Family Brand

Arabuli Arthouse Traditional Workshop was established in 2015, in the village of Korsha, Khevsureti. Its aim is to save intangible cultural heritage in Khevsureti. Arabuli Art house produces clothes with old ornaments as well as knitted souvenirs, wooden items and jewelery. The founder of the workshop is Nino Berdia and Shota Berdia and their motto is Wear History and Create In the Mountains.

One of the founders, Nino Arabuli will talk about regional business social responsibility, traditional technologies of producing modern products and how Arabuli family is going to develop the business.

What is the concept of Arabuli Arthouse and what made you decide to create family brand?

We create new products considering khevsureti traditions. Our main duty is to explore ethnic, intangible cultural heritage, keep it and develop it to present to wider public.My uncle, Shota Arabuli had been collecting old items and he created a museum afterwards. I have been involved in tourism industry for more than 10 years and I could see that there was a demand for good quality souvenirs. Khevsureti has a big potential in this field.

Where can customers purchase your production and what is your pricing policy?

We participate in many exhibitions where we sell our production very often. You can buy our products online as well as in our workshop. The minimum price is 7 GEL and it can reach up to 1500 GEL.

What are your future plans to develop the brand?

We are working to find financial support to increase our production.We want to introduce our production to different tourist shops in Tbilisi. We are also planning to sign the agreement with few large companies and we have negotiations with companies abroad   to export our product.