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Aqua Park to be Built in Mtatsminda

Businessman Temur Tabagari plans to carry out several multi-million dollar  projects. Jointly with Korean and European partners, Temur Tabagari will start construction of a tourist complex worth $  30 million on Iagluja mountain in  about 2 weeks.

The complex, which will  include a 200-room hotel, 8 cottages and medical facilities will be built by a  private person Temur Tabagari.

The investor purchased 70 000 square meters of the state -owned non-agricultural land  for GEL 525 000.

Under  the terms, the investor is obliged to  invest $ 30 million over 2 years to implement and will employ 130 people.

According to him, the construction of a complex will be carried out by a specially created construction company Grand Master. Tabagari says  that Korean and Spanish business partners were found through his  own ties.

The Georgian businessman along  with Korean and Spanish partners, is going to build the  aqua park and an entertainment center on  the  funicular in  the territory of  about 8 hectares adjacent to the Mtatsminda park, the  project’s value  will be  $ 30 million. The works will start in 10 days.

Tabagari intends to invest  5-10 million in the city of Rustavi, where  an entertainment complex is going to be built near the Rustaveli movie theater.

Apart from  these projects, the Georgian businessman wants to build  a waste processing plant and for this purpose European partners will invest $  120 million.

A few months ago, Deputy Director of  Tbilservicegroup Levan Jgharkava told  “Commersant” that along  with the Tbilisi City Hall, Tbilservicegroup plans to build a garbage processing plant.

Jgharkava then claimed that a tender for the construction of the plant, which is a subject of interest from investors, would  be announced at the beginning of next year.