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IPG Georgia

APG Georgia Celebrates Two year Anniversary of its Product

APG GEORGIA celebrates 2 year anniversary of its product- APG IET for Travel Agencies in Georgia this year.

An event to mark the 2nd anniversary of its product- APG IET was held in club El Centro located on Chardin Street in Tbilisi, on December 8.

APG IET Executive Product Director, Mrs. Ophelie Cherdrong from head office visited Tbilisi to attend the event personally, make presentation and thank Georgian Travel Agencies. Around 100 travel agencies were invited to participate in this event.

APG continues to innovate and developed APG IET program which allows many airlines to maintain interline agreements with key players and also reach untapped markets where the airline is not participating in the BSP. APG IET is an interline e-ticketing platform developed in partnership with Heli Air Monaco (airline code: YO).

“Interlining” is an agreement between airlines to handle passengers travelling on a multi-airline itinerary. Airlines that participate in the APG IET program are able to be ticketed and interlined in 83 BSPs around the world and ARC in the United States. Why use APG IET?

  •  Access to over 90 airlines which participate in the program can be ticketed on YO
  •  Ability to ticket YO with any GDS
  •  Ticket airlines that may not display in your GDS (Member or not member of your local BSP)
  •  All major Credit Cards & UATP are accepted (according to your market)

APG Georgia was established in 2012 in Tbilisi Georgia. Company is being managed by Ms. Iako Khomeriki, with Almost 8 years experience in the airline industry, having been involved in various roles in the sector and gaining extensive experience of aviation in this emerging market. APG Georgia represents:Heli Air Monaco, AtlasGlobal Cargo, Philippine Airlines, Qatar Airways Cargo, British Airways World Cargo.

APG Georgia, under ABSC program offers its services to online and offline Airlines. Among them:Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, Royal Air Maroc, Arkia Israeli Airlines, Dniproavia, Yanair. APG Georgia intends to enlarge Airline Industry in Georgia by offering to Market various innovative products distributed by APG in the Network.

APG is the leading network for airline commercial and distribution services.APG Network collectively serves almost 390 airlines worldwide. The organization was established in 1991 to meet the demands for airline representation with Sales and Marketing services worldwide.

Through innovation and technology, APG Network has expanded to become a key partner and a powerful platform in the travel distribution system, offering outsourced services in passenger sales and marketing, reservations, finance and accounting, fare filing and consulting. With over 1500 experts worldwide, dedicated  to the Airline service, APG Network is “The World’s Leading Network for Airline Services”, with 112 offices in 176 countries on 6 continents.

APG has the most extensive network worldwide and across all continents. Over 20 years experience in the field of Airline Industry and an integrated capital of EUR2,000,000 responsible for over EUR2.3 billion of airline revenue.

APG provides a wide range of distribution products: AACP, ACTP, CCS, TCH, GET, GSSA, ABCS, IET . Allowing airlines to minimize administrative cost by working with one partner who can provide linked up distribution solutions. APG is also a preferred partner of ARC in the US, now overseeing ARC services for a large number of offline airlines.