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Aparthotel in Gudauri – Offer by Bank of Georgia and Red-Co

Aparthotel in Gudauri – Offer by Bank of Georgia and Red-Co

Bank of Georgia and Red-Сo development company offer 9% discount scheme to clients for buying an apartment in Gudauri ski resort.

The offer will run through November 15. Besides the opportunity to own a real estate in this resort, this is also a good chance for the company clients to receive revenues without efforts and regain the apartment price in 5-6 years. To this end, the development company uses the system of aparthotels.

Georgia’s tourism market grows day to day and the tourism flow to the ski resort also rises. This tendency is evidently reflected in the Gudauri resort development process.

In 2023 Georgia will host Freestyle Snowboarding World Championship. This fact more evidently outlines the importance of having real estate at the ski resort.

Katia Absandze, head of Red-Co marketing department, talks about peculiarities of the aparthotel system and project-related details:

-What does the system of Aparthotel imply, which Red-Co company applies in Gudauri?

-Buying real estate is one of the valuable investments that a person may make. Along with the tourism sector development in Georgia, the price of apartments also grows. This tendency is apparent in location with active tourism. Following these tendencies, the developers have created an entirely new type of real estate – aparthotel, which represents a certain merger of residential house and hotel. This is your house on the resort, which brings additional revenues. In the developed countries the system of aparthotels is a widespread segment, but in Georgia this system is a comparatively new direction and we are proud to be leaders in this direction.

-What is Georgia’s experience in terms of aparthotels?

-Over the past year the system of aparthotels is widely penetrating resort zones. Aparthotels were popularized, first of all, in the process of development of resorts. The samples of Gudauri and Batumi show that, along with growing tourist inflows and development of infrastructure, this system is being also developed. It is important that the complex is developed due to the general plan developed by Canadian company Ecosign, which is the global leader in resorts development issues.

-What is the advantage of buying an apartment in Red-Co aparthotels and how can clients regain their investments?

-Red-Co offers the following options to our clients: attracting clients, administration of bookings, meeting guests and providing services, cleaning apartments, maintenance of equipment and their replacement, in case of damage: This is a very flexible system, because the major part of our clients works in Tbilisi or is a foreign citizen and lives abroad. They have to care about nothing in practice and their revenues considerably exceed available revenues from bank deposits.

-What are approximate prices of apartments at Red-co aparthotels in New Gudauri?

-Naturally, the price depends on various details. Prices start from 25 000 USD on average.

-What is the role of Redco in development of Gudauri as the ski resort?

-Red-co has made essential contribution to Gudauri development process. It is noteworthy that the ski resort marks 30th anniversary of its inauguration. Since then, the resort has hosted several millions of tourists and become one of the leading ski resorts in Eastern Europe. According to the general plan, Redco will build 26 buildings in Gudauri, including aparthotels, various entertaining and recreational centers, several hotels under the world’s distinguished brands. We cooperate with a valuable team of Georgian and foreign architects and designers, with representatives of the global networks of premium class hotels and global-level design companies, including Ecosign, which has developed a development plan for Gudauri. The company’s business portfolio includes a lot of projects, such as: New Gudauri resort – 8 finished and more than 18 planned aparthotels.

-What campaign and innovations will Redco offer to the market in the near future?

– We have active season ahead and we offer various innovations to our clients, as well as a lot of events to holidaymakers.