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Antiques Market Losing its Relevance

The antique market in Georgia is not profitable – owners of antique shops say in one voice.

In particular, according to one of them, sales were down 25%, and demand began to decline after the devaluation of the national currency.

“Foreign tourists are not interested in old things, but the local do not have enough money to buy expensive things. If something is sold, as a rule, they are dishes and silver. In general, profitability has decreased greatly, the revenues we receive are only enough to cover the administrative costs and rent premises. If this continues, we will have to close down. We hope that over time  the economic situation will  improve, and the demand for antiques will grow as well, “- say  the owner of an antique shop.

They  say  in Old things salon that there is a problem of another kind – the lack of truly valuable things in  Georgia. “The crisis in antiques trade is deepened by a fact that most of the really valuable things have already been taken out of Georgia, and now almost nothing interest  is  left in Georgia. Maybe some families still have some very old and valuable things, but in general they are in  deficit,” – say in the salon. The antique shop Kidobani also talks  of a decrease in sales nearly by half .

“Our customers are mainly citizens of  Russia, the republics of the North Caucasus and other countries. Basically, they bought the old stuff. Now they do not have such a possibility because of the financial crisis. So if we gain l2-3 GEL a day, we are satisfied. Overall, this business is unprofitable, although there is a category of people who are interested in antiques, so we still hope that  the situation will improve,” – say in Kidobani.