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Anaklia Port to Create 60 Billion Economic Value in 40 Years

Anaklia Development Consortium completed preparation of 50-year-plan of Anaklia Port. It includes evaluation of economic influence of the project, calculation of goods turnover, volume of investment and development phases.

At this stage, the project is considered by government commission. Anaklia Deep Sea Port concentrates on innovative engineer technologies, sparing expenses and effectiveness of port. The executive director of Anaklia Development Consortium Levan Akhvlediani, talks about the details of the topic with Businesscontract.

What does development stages include which is supposed to be implemented within the shortest time and what is being discussed currently?

We came up with a plan which included all stages of port development and handed to the government to discuss. We worked on the plan with Dutch consultation Company Maritime & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS). The document includes a lot of information concerning economic value and what port will create step by step and, how many jobs it will add to the market and what kind of infrastructure will be created and how much investment it is in general.

You mentioned an economic value; can you share exact data with us, what numbers are we talking about?

We talk about hundreds of USD value after it starts operating, of course in a long-term plan. It is about 60 million USD. It is a large-scale project and it will create 60 billion USD economic values.

What plans do you have in job sector, are there any special conditions? What is the strategy of consortium?

This direction is vastly discussed in the document and there is a analyzed data presented concerning how many potential jobs port will create. For example, on 2020, there will be around 2000 jobs created on a Georgian scale. In a while, this amount will reach up to 5000. However, in the 9th phase, it will increase even more and there will be 19 000 jobs available in general.

What volume of cargo are you going to let pass by in the first phase?

In 2016, Georgian ports let 330 containers pass by. The growth of numbers of containers is directly connected to the macroeconomic index not only in Georgia but in our region because our ports are connected to Azerbaijan, Armenia and the part of central Asia market. When modernization of railway and highway construction is completed, Georgian corridor will become very competitive with Baltic countries and Russian corridors.