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Ana Dolidze: Businesses Suffer Due to Inefficiency of the Court

“Due to the inefficiency of the judiciary system, many businesses are damaged and nothing is done for it to be improved,” Ana Dolidze, the non-judge member of the Council of Justice, said in a program “Women’s Narrative”. She said that the problematic issues include delaying the disputes, the threat of corruption.

“There are many errors to be solved, for example, if the judge has a possibility not to review business argument for 2-3 years, it will be very damaging to business, which is the same as the goods terminated by the border, where the company is experiencing monetary damage every day. The situation is in the same when it comes to intellectual property issues”- said Anna dilidzem.

According to her, there are many legislative proposals, but nothing really changes.

In order to solve this problem, we will submit an initiative to the Parliament to return the issue again to the Council of Justice. Because today, if we do not demand the information about the dispute from the Court of Appeal, the Board will not know anything about it. That is, the function of the supervision of the council is actually deprived and returned to the chairperson of the Court of Appeals, “said Ana Dolidze.