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American OPIC to Build a New Harbour in Poti

The first vice-premier and minister of Economy and Sustainable Development,Dimitri Kumsishvili met the director of International Private Investment Corportation (OPIC), Kennet Angell.

Vice prime minister, Kumsishvili thanked American side for all the successful projects which were implemented by the help of OPIC in Georgia.

It has been noted that the visit of OPIC delegation is aimed to confirm two projects in Georgia and there are constant negotiations between Georgian and American side about it.

One of the projects aims to build a new harbour complex in Poti, at the territory of “PACE terminal”.The project costs 100.5 million USD and OPIC pays 50 million USD in it. In the frame of the project, 100 people will be employed and there will be 90 constant jobs as soon as the harbour is opened.

International Private Investment Corportation (OPIC) is a goverrnment financial sector which was established in 1971. OPIC colleborates with American private sector and helps it to enter developing markets and therefore promotes the increase of the income of private sector, creates new jobs and improves economic development not only in the US but abroad.

According to the Ministry of Economy, OPIC has been implementing investments in Georgia since 1993. The company implemented more than 50 projects in Georgia in different fields. Currently, it is involved in more than 20 projects.