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Alter Socks - First Georgian Painted Socks Brand Appeared

Alter Socks – First Georgian Painted Socks Brand Appeared

“AlterSocks” or waggish socks, is the new family business. The shop appeared in Tbilisi Mall two days ago.

The customers are able to see and buyout the products where there are placed the paintings performed by famous artists, as well as the paintings of Georgian traditional food and drinks. (For instance “Khinkali”, “beer”, etc,.)

As it was noted before the founders of the shop are wife and a husband, Nina Menteshashili and Rezi Beselashvili correspondigly.

As Rezi Beselashvili pointed out to “business contact“, before it was planned to be printed only famous artists’ works on the socks. However, after conducting small survey, they have changed their mind and decided to abstain for a while.

“We were thinking that it would have been too waggish when seeing a socks with famous artists performance printed on them. Moreover the niche on the market was absolutely free and we were considering that it would fit in. I draw myself and do design and styling feat. My wife is also creative person like me.”

Painted socks are made with 89% of natural cotton, whereas in imported ones its content amounts 70%. At this stage, it is only possible to acquire painted socks in Tbilisi Mall, but “AlterSocks” plans to start online marketing and retailing in near future.

“I honestly say that it was not easy to start this business as sock knitting process has its specificity as well as all business fields. It is our first business for both of us, me and my wife. Thus there were a lot of obstacles that we had to face to get there were we are today.

It was difficult the financial calculations, legal side of the business, accounting and so on. Fortunately everything went well and we have learned a lot me and my wife.” – says Rezi Beselashvili.

The price of painted socks starts from 7.5 GEL, however, discount works in case of purchasing some of them.