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Alaznistavi Tushuri Guda – Centuries-old Cheese-making Tradition

Alaznistavi is a cooperative that in 2015 unveiled the first traditional Tushuri Guda cheese-making enterprise in Gomtseri Gorge, at the source of river Alazani, on territory of Tusheti National Park, 2100 meters above the sea level, by support of ENPARD program and donor organizations – OXFAM, Elkana, Government of Georgia and Alaverdi Orthodox See.

The enterprise meets modern standards. Historically, Tushuri Guda was famous for its high quality and special  taste characteristics in South Caucasus and abroad.

 Tushuri Guda preparation  is a very special process. Fresh milk is filtered through various healing herbs, by traditional technologies. Then cheese ripens for 60 days in Guda made of sheep skin  (Guda – container of sheep or calf skin).


On December 22 Alaznistavi cooperative held official presentation of 4 varieties of Guda cheese.  The event was held at Betsy’s hotel and it was attended by government and nongovernmental sector representative. The event made focus on  technologies of preparing Tushuri Guda cheese and its importance.

Currently, Alaznistavi manufactures 4 varieties of Guda Cheese:

  • Svilobi – Sheep Guda Cheese;
  • Lartusho – Cow Guda Cheese;
  • Dovan – Sheep and Cow Milk Mixed Cheese;
  • Chogi – Melted Cheese;

Guda Cheese produced by Alaznistavi cooperative is already exported to the USA and will appear in Georgian supermarkets too  in the near future. Before, consumers are able to visit the website   WWW.GUDA.GE