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Alanya's Farm: Dairy Production is not Profitable

Alanya’s Farm: Dairy Production is not Profitable

Alanya’s Farm, locating in Senaki, plans to move on the meat production from the processing of dairy products. 

The Alanyas brought the Holtestine Cattle to Georgia for the first time and made a modern farm. The farm has grown between 1998 and 2015. Therefore, the cattle stock has grown to 350, but they have to reduce their number to 120 through the last two years.

“It is not profitable to produce natural dairy products, their production is too expensive. However, primary cost of 1 kg of 15% sour cream is 4,5 GEL and the cottage is 5,5-6 GEL, how should we compete with cheap milk powder. But, who picks the powder, milk products are made with vegetable oils. Cost of 1 kg vegetable fat is 3 GEL, while the animal (i.e. butter) – 12 GEL. The producers are trying not to increase the products in price in order the products to be available for more customers, “- said Kakha Alania, the founder declared to GBC.

According to him, palm oil is mainly used as vegetable fat, which are mostly transmissible and human body cannot process it.

“We decided to start meat production. As you know, there is a high demand on the beef in Arab countries and the product is exported from Georgia. We are looking for partners because of financial problems, we have negotiations with several countries, at this stage we will actively discuss cooperation plan with the Ukrainians, so I will refrain from any specific statement “, – Kakha Alania said.