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AI Laboratory Opened in BTU may Connect to Leading Hubs in Madrid with help of Giorgi Chakhnashvili

Giorgi Chakhnashvili, the creator of the artificial intelligence, Digital Mind, met with leading companies in Madrid, including banking and communications.

Giorgi introduced companies based on artificial intelligence – Digital Mind and AI Tourism, and their interest was instantly inflicted. Companies expressed their desire to cooperate with Giorgi.

Consequently, the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory was opened at the Business and Technology University (BTU) with the support of Mercedes Benz in Georgia. The more sophisticated technical capabilities in the laboratory allow artificial intelligence to be fully developed.

According to Giorgi Chakhnashvili, the BTU, which is the leading university in Georgia, has also improved the technical side, which creates more opportunities for him and other students working on artificial intelligence. In particular, the artificial intelligence laboratory was arranged specifically with specifications that require full artificial intelligence development. “This will allow me personally, after consulting with the Madrid companies, to work on this project from the laboratory remotely.”

According to him, large companies are already using artificial intelligence in the process of work and accordingly, the professionals of this direction are very much needed. That is why it is important to develop such directions in Georgia because it is a possibility for young people, students to work on their own projects and show their capabilities, increase knowledge and become competitive all over the world.

For instance, artificial intelligence, which Giorgi has developed by BTU technical support, is unique in the world with its capacity. It thinks like a human through neural networks and for the first time in the world,  it will allow watching and analyzing videos in the shortest time by artificial intelligence.

“Artificial intelligence, perhaps, will never replace a human being, as it needs to study, although experts are actively working in this direction, and somewhat it has replaced human resources,”says artificial intelligence creator and thinks that this trend will continue and it’s in young enthusiasts’ hands how they develop, as there already is a technological capability at BTU.