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AGL – A Company’s Strategy For the Greater Good of Georgia

AGL – A Company’s Strategy For the Greater Good of Georgia

Company With High Social Responsibility AGL (Adjaristsqali Georgia, LLC) is developing hydropower resources on the Adjaristsqali River and its tributaries.

The company is implementing one of the largest infrastructure investments in Georgia, the Shuakhevi Hydropower Project (HPP).

AGL adheres to high standards of corporate social responsibility in its work by supporting the economic and social development of the Adjara region and improving the living standards of the people in the project area.

Community Development

Business Support Project

Supporting the development of local business initiatives in the Khulo and Shuakhevi municipalities is one of the main priorities of our company.

We provided training for local residents on business planning and proposal writing, Georgian tax regulations and state incentives for people living in the mountainous regions.

Through providing training and grants we aim to improve income generating capacities of local communities and this way facilitate to improve their living conditions.


Apicultural development Project

AGL has launched a beekeeping project in the Khulo and Shuakhevi municipalities. The aim of this project is to improve and restore the livelihoods of the affected farmers to pre-project level.

Farmers are trained in new trends and modern technologies of beekeeping, where they acquire needed skills for setting up beekeeping enterprises.

Apart from training, participants are provided with bee families, beehives, and any other necessary equipment.

AGL – A Company’s Strategy For the Greater Good of Georgia

Infrastructure Development

Rural infrastructure development is another social priority for the company. These infrastructure projects are designed for the long-term development of the region. It is important that the infrastructure projects are suited to the needs and wishes of local communities, and so all of the company’s projects are planned with the participation of local populations and municipal governments.

The list of the infrastructure projects which the company is implementing in these municipalities is quite large and includes roads, drainage systems, permanent water supplies, and school facilities such as playgrounds, sports fields, and libraries.

Infrastructural projects target the development and long-term benefit for the region.

Awareness Raising and Education

Language and Pedagogical Skills Training

Training in English language and teaching skills have been offered to local English teachers from the Khulo and Shuakhevi municipalities.  Last semester, forty local teachers participated in the program. These teachers focused on practical skills such as classroom management and modern foreign language teaching methods as well as on improving their English language abilities.

English Essay Contest

Last spring, AGL organized an English-language essay competition for local school students on the topic “Georgia in 2045,” in which students were asked to compare the dramatic changes in the last thirty years in Georgia with their visions for the future of Georgia in the next thirty years. 44 students participated in the contest. The goal of the essay contest was to improve students’ writing and critical thinking skills.

After-school English Activities

The Company offers school extracurricular English activities for local gifted and talented public school students to help develop their English-language communication skills. These students work with native English speaking teachers in the afternoons to discuss current affairs and local problems in team-based and mock-government debates and interact with representatives of local government.
AGL – A Company’s Strategy For the Greater Good of Georgia

Students Scholarship Program

The Company started its Students Scholarship Program in 2015 in order to support talented local students pursuing higher education. Eight students from the Khulo and Shuakhevi municipalities had their education financed through this project.

Scholarships are awarded to students who are enrolled in state accredited universities in 2014 and have high academic performance.

AGL will continue to finance these students’ education for three years contingent upon their continued success on their semester exams.

 Student Internship Program

AGL are helping develop and strengthen professional staff in the Georgian hydropower sector by inviting university students from the Faculty of Engineering at Georgian Technical University to intern at the Shuakhevi HPP. These interns are gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills by working in different units on rotation. Students participate in the building of power stations and dams and in the construction of tunnels.