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Agile Precis Ventures to Open a Branch in Tbilisi, Georgia

Agile Precis Ventures to Open a Branch in Tbilisi, Georgia

Agile Precis Inc. (APV) a Charlottesville VA business innovation company has decided to open its office in Tbilisi, Georgia.

APV has been actively working to apply its expertise in business consulting, executive coaching, business process outsourcing and education/training, Software engineering and business development to meet specific challenges that fit the Georgian culture and business practices.

The company provides advice and consulting in a number of areas, including security, engineering, product management, integration of data analytics, Internet of Things and many other areas, including the healthcare field. It provides products to help reduce the risk of start-ups for investors by objectively evaluating their success factors, predicting business outcomes and aiding the decision-making process using IBM analytical processes, as well as their own proprietary methods.

CEO of the company had successful meetings with both, the public and private sector, and thorough consultations with the Georgian American Chamber of Commerce APV has decided to open a branch in the capital city Tbilisi, Georgia. He will be arriving to Tbilisi in March to open a branch of Agile Precis Ventures in Tbilisi.

APV is dedicated to improving the sustainability of small and medium sized businesses with unique programs based on best practices, business modelling, long-term mentoring, and operation monitoring therefore directly helping the Georgian government and the community in advancing the development of the country.

Sean Hamilton – CEO of Agile Precis Ventures:“There were several vital factors for choosing Georgia. It is an emerging economy with long roots and history in merchant trade and commerce. Therefore, this gives Georgia a marked advantage for the region.

Georgia is very European leaning in all of its activities, it is perfectly positioned for economic success and there have been many structural and policy changes that help businesses to thrive.

Georgia has enormous potential in the economic sector. As we have observed, a lot of small businesses are owned by large companies. There is a lack of small businesses operating by independently, except in the agricultural and gastronomy sectors.

Therefore, this is a very interesting experiment for Agile Precis Ventures. It is hard not to love the hospitality, food, wine and the friends you gain momentarily. Georgia is a place to want to do business, a place to want to live.”