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Adjaristsqali Georgia CEO: Company Is A Success, When It Demonstrates Responsibility for The Country And The Society, In Which It Does Business

Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC has a new CEO Ronny Solberg. Mr. Solberg has got multiyear work experience on top managerial positions in many countries. Ronny Solberg has contributed to the successful implementation of several multimillion projects.

– Mr. Solberg, how useful is the implementation of hydro power projects for the Georgian economy development?

– Georgia has substantial hydroenergy resources and a development of these resources is very important for the country’s economy. The energy from hydropower stations is one of the cheapest and most environmentally friendly sources of energy. The enhancement of this sector, reduction of energy imports in the Georgian energy system and increase of energy exports are extremely important in order to gain energy independence for the country. Georgia has great hydropower energy capabilities from 300 of its 26 000 rivers, however, only 18% of these resources have been developed.

It is also necessary that hydropower projects are carried out in compliance with all standards, mitigating the impact on the environment. This can be done with constant monitoring and control.

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– What is the benefit the Ajara Region and the whole country will receive after the Shuakhevi HPP project implementation?

– Shuakhevi HPP is not just a 187 MW hydro power plant. It means much more for Ajara and Georgia as a whole.

Investments of 400 000 000 USD Adjaristsqali Georgia will make signifies: a development of the hydropower sector, creation of new job places, money inflows to the state budget in terms of taxes, an increase of qualified staff in the Georgian labor market, the development of the Ajara region, contribution to the independence of the Georgian energy system and implementation of social projects which are designed to assist in the long-term development of the Ajara highlands.


– How many workers has  the Shuakhevi HPP employed from the villages around the construction area?

– As of today, over 650 citizens of Georgia are employed in the Shuakhevi HPP project. It should be noted that 90% of the hired labor force is from the local municipality. The hired people are not working only on the construction, a part of them are involved in social projects funded by our company. For example, I would like to mention the rehabilitation of drinking water supply initiated by our company in Makhalakidzeebi village, the Shuakhevi municipality or the rehabilitation project of the public school in Vashlovani village, the Khulo municipality. Both of these projects are currently being implemented right now with a direct participation of local workers. Our company is trying to ensure that Shuakhevi HPP have a positive impact on the standard of living of the local population.

– Your company is implementing social projects in the Ajara region. What projects are we talking about and are they are oriented on a long-term development of the region?

– Our priority is to support the long-term development of Ajara. In this regard, our company is distinguished by high social responsibility that we have in relation to the communities where we work.

Our projects cover various areas such as education and awareness-raising, community empowerment programs, local infrastructure development, etc. For example, this year we funded BA tuition fees for 8 students, who are studying at higher educational institutions. In summer we are starting a students’ internship program, which aims to support Georgia in preparation of qualified personnel in engineering. Also we have started community empowerment program, which provides grants and support for family business. We have a great list of projects that we are implementing together with local municipalities.

It is important for us that our projects are primarily tailored to the interests and needs of local communities. In order to be a successful project, it is a prerequisite that the project have been planned jointly with involvement of local communities and municipalities. All social projects that are implemented by Adjaristsqali Georgia are focused on long-term goals. We will do our best that our planned projects bring sensible results in the region’s development process.


– Our society, business sector and the Authorities frequently appraise Adjaristsqali Georgia as a company of high social responsibility. What role should be given to the business sector in the social development process?

– I am proud that our company is one of the most socially responsible companies in the Georgian market. It has implemented all the social projects in this region and it is serving for the better future of Georgia. I have a family, children, and what can we do the most valuable for them? I think certainly we should guarantee high-quality education for them. Our company’s priority is focused exactly on the implementation of social projects oriented on education.

I believe a company is a success, when demonstrates its responsibility for the country and the society, in which it does business, when it tries to help to the social development, analyzes public needs.

– In addition to the above-mentioned, what kind of benefits can the construction of Shuakhevi HPP hbring to our country? 

– One of the largest and most important things that Georgia will acquire with this project is qualified, skilled, talented people, who in the future will have their say in the development of the country. With this experienceand accumulated knowledge they will successfully carry out important projects for both state and private sector.

On the other hand, as it is known to the public, before the beginning of this project there were a number of trainings conducted for local residents who had different kinds of work in the construction process. They learn and develop their skills with the professionals, and when this project will be completed, it will not be difficult for experienced and qualified personnel to find jobs. They will be always in demand in the Georgian labor market.


–  Finally, what do you think about Georgia, what is your attitude towards this country?

– My first emotion, when I came to Georgia for the first time, was its amazing nature is very similar to the nature of my country, Norway. I have tasted Georgian food and I like it enormously; I have managed to visit Svaneti – it is very beautiful and impressive region of Georgia, what I have seen so far has exceeded my expectations.

I like the villages of Ajara highlands. Each of them has an amazing view, a lot of greenery around, and the most important is that the most kind, warm and very open-hearted people live there. Adjaristsqali Georgia is a Georgian company, which is doing very important work for this country. This is a strong team, I would say it is more like a family, who works hard for the success of the project.

On the one hand, a success of the project means construction of the Shuakhevi HPP and, on the other hand, improvement of living standards of the people, who live in the areas of construction. When these two important goals will be reached, only then we can consider the project as successful.