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Adizes Institute Seminar – How to Implement Efficient Changes in a Company

Event Start Date: 05 Dec, 2017 - Event End Date: 05 Dec, 2017

On January 5, at 11:30 pm, the exhibition center “Expo Georgia” (Tbilisi, Tsereteli 118, III Pavilion) will host a seminar on “How to Implement Effective Amendments at the Company” organized by Adizes Institute.

The seminar will be led by leading certified consultant of Adizes Institute, Stanislav Krause.

Consulting Company “Gepra” provides opportunity for medium or high-level managers of companies willing to modify and maximize efficiency of the transformation process, attend seminar and get comprehensive information on how to make effective changes in the company and manage them.

Topics of the seminar include: establishment of management terminology, definition various manager’s style (PAEI), creating strong positive energy for the change in the company and management of transformation process.

“Adizes Institute and its founder, the respected consultant and author of numerous bestsellers Yitzhak Adizes theories have practical purposes for specific research and consulting activities of its long-term results. The audience will be able to expand their knowledge, accompanied by practical examples, including the urgent issues diagnostic and solve current problems. Changes in management, leading the process of transformation, establishing positive environment in the company and outside of it – these are the main challenges for all levels of management or business owners. These are the actual problems in Georgia, where the business is viable with the objective, many subjective factor leads to the impediment ,”- Soso Galumashvili, one of the host, consultant of ”Gepra” speaks about the importance of the seminar.

“In general change is a positive concept – it is related to advancement, movement, innovation, success, but in order change to be successful in the organization, the process should be well-managed.

Adizes methodology is innovative and unique. Individuals are the nuclei of the management of the changes, and the success of the change process is crucial to how these individuals react to the changes. Adizes Methodology Allows managers and co-workers to specify and determine the functions of team leaders and staff members at each stage of the life cycle of the company. You can simplify and make it flexible the process of human resource management, optimize the structure of the company and increase the company’s income and profit.

The advantage of Adizes methodology is obvious – focused on values ​​and mission, professional people, their role and vision. Instead of insignificant numbers, emphasis is placed on democratic governance, substitution of trust, respect, corporate culture, and a favorable environment for “non-subjective dependence”.

Leader of the workshop is a leading certified consultant of Adizes, which has a huge experience in consulting the Eastern European markets.

We invite all the interested and motivated person to attend the seminar, “explains Tamar Machavariani, Senior Consultant of Consulting Company ”Gepra”.

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