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Achievements of Natakhati Fund

(Names of Beneficiaries Replaced for Anonymity)

Natakhtari Fund for Vano’s and Soso’s Successful and Independent Life

Vano joined the Care for Future project in April 2013. He is 18 years old. He was very small when his aunt took him to an orphanage jointly with his sister. From there Vano moved to a small family house. He has graduated from a college as an engine specialist. Currently, he rents an apartment and works as an operator for a metal constructions plant. Salary does not suffice for independent life, therefore, the Natakhtari Fund finances his rentals and pays for public utilities.

Soso was brought to an orphanage after his lonely mother became unable to keep him. Despite this fact, Soso has maintained positive attitude to people and the life. He is 20 years old. He joined the Care for Future project in April 2013. He fulfils tasks smartly, timely and zealously. Specialists provide permanent physiological consultations to him for adaptation to new environments, professional orientation and efficient communications kills. Soso has successfully finished driving school courses with the support of Natakhtari Fund and he has already received a driving license.

Soso has chosen to study electricity communications, cable networks and web technologies at the college. In tight cooperation with psychologists and Silknet company, he has successfully passed trainings and practical work at the company. Soso is ready to start independent life, but he does not work yet, therefore, Natakhtari Fund continues his support.

Natakhtari Fund launched support of orphan children for preparing them for independent life in 2011. The Fund collects sums from a November to February period. In this period each sold bottle of Natakhtari lemonade earns 0.01 GEL, 0.03 GEL and 0.05 GEL (due to container volume – 0.33 liter, 0.5 liter and 1.0-.20 liters) for the Fund’s account. Over 420 000 GEL was collected for three years. A total of 159 beneficiaries enjoy the following services from the Fund: psychological consultations, preparation in subjects, reception of professional education and driving licenses, buying materials and tools for work, scholarships (apartment rental, food, and transportation fees). It is also worth noting funds are allocated due to the needs of each beneficiary on an individual basis.