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A Sharp Increase in the Number of Hotels in Batumi

The number of casinos is increasing rapidly in Batumi. “Batumelebi” daily reports and writes that six casinos are operating in the city at this time. By 2017 eight new casinos are planned to open in the city.

In total 230 000 visitors visited casinos last year and GEL 5 million entered into the budget as a result of gaming tax.

“Casino is one of the most profitable component for hotel business development and one of the main driving forces of investment attraction in the tourism industry,” – the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara states. According to the Department,  in 2013 the number of gaming tables increased by 236% and slot machines – by 302%  compared to the  2010 figure.

Currently, 76 tables operate in major hotels of Batumi, a tax on each table is GEL 18 000 per quarterand GEL 800 – on a slot machine.

The license fee is GEL 250 000 from each casino per year, at the same time the casino, which will beopened at the hotel for at least 100 rooms, is exempt from the payment of fees.

According to the head of the Financial Service of  Batumi City Hall Archil Vanadze, the government creates favorable conditions for the development of tourism in the region

“Thanks to the benefits, all major hotels open casinos – and this is one of the incentives to build such hotels as casino customers live in the same hotels,” – he notes.

Under the current Georgia law, the license fee for the casino amounts to  GEL 5 million, an exception was made only for a few tourist zones, and first of all, for Batumi.