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A New Shop Xchange Opens in Tbilisi

Customers will be able to acquire new and used devices in the new shop – Xchange. According to Marketer, the idea of the shop belongs to Giorgi and Tato Mikadze.

The shop is analogue of business model already introduced in Europe and America, which enables the customers to purchase, change or sell new and secondary electronic products. Customers can acquire smart phones, “tablets”, games of Playstations and Xbox, and consoles, as well as other electronic accessories.

“For instance, a customer can bring his old phone, for example iphone 5s and change it into iphone 6 with adding money or he is able to sell the phone and take the sum. However, iPhone is evaluated in higher price comparing to direct sale. For instance, if you sell, you will take 1000 GEL and if you change – 1200 GEL.

The same terms are applied to consoles and games, which are very popular, because Xchange offers affordable prices to customers”, – the owner of the shop declares. According to him, there is a tester in the shop, which checks all products.

Xchange is responsible on all new and secondary products, which are sold at the shop. In the case of sale or exchange, the product is evaluated according to the qualities A, B, or C, after which is set cost of the product. Xchange gives 1-year warrantee on the new products and 3-month – on secondary products.