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A 7-star Presidential Hotel to be Opened in Tbilisi

“Commersant” exclusively reports  that Dhabi Group plans to open a 7-star presidential hotel behind the so-called Imeli building.
Dhabi Group Executive Director told us that it would be Millennium Biltmore, which is functioning only in the United States, California, and the second hotel will be opened in Tbilisi.

In an exclusive interview  with “Commersant”, Sam Edward  says  that the opening of the hotel is planned for January 2016. According to him, in addition to the hotel,  a trade center will be located in the complex while on  the hotel’s 34th floor-  a restaurant offering  Georgian and the Middle East cousin.

Edward says that the Presidential Suite will be arranged in the hotel which doesn’t have any hotel in the capital and will serve presidents or VIP persons.

Dhabi Group Executive Director notes that the world’s most modern casino, which is under a joint management of Los Angeles-based casino   and China’s Macau casino, will operate in the hotel as well.

Dhabi Group intends to invest $ 140 million in Millennium Biltmore construction. In the words of Sam Edward, Dhabi Group is holding  the negotiations with the Ministry of Economy, Co-Investment Fund to  select a project and invest funds in the coming months. Dhabi Group representative adds they wish to support the current government of Georgia by investing in the country.