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Gino Invest Group to Import Electric Cars

”Gino Invest Group” delegation visited China to meet approximately 12 companies’ representatives producing electric cars. The main idea of the project is to import 100 electric cars in Georgia and establish Tax Park.

Delegation checked all the cars, analyzed their technical data and picked the right cars.The group of research scientists and development department will provide the special systems which will be implemented in new Chinese vehicles. The taxi service will become cheaper and more rentable for organization.Project will be launched in 2018. -states Project Manager of ”Gino Invest Group”-Giorgi Kuparadze.

“Gino Invest group” is one of the biggest European holding, which operates in different directions of businesses among world. ”Gino”’s name is widely spread with  its famous set of aqua parks around the world. The Organization operates aqua parks in Spain,Portugal,USA,Slovakia and Georgia. One of the most popular aqua park is situated in Carpat Mountains, near Besenoba, Slovakia, which is recognized as cultural sightseeing of Slovakia.Averagely 5000 clients visits the object per day. This complex is very interesting as all the technical infrastructure consumes Bio energy:electricity is generated from solar array and water by geodetically water.

Company is also known for its activities in Agricultural Sector, producing the bio production. In this framework, one of the biggest project is implemented in Oslo, Norway. The station provides Oslo by gas,using canalization system of the city.

Multifunctional Organization runs hotel businesses around the world,as well as, developer sector which manages “Green City in Austria” and ”Gino Green City” which is under construction near Tbilisi water reservoir.