The menu is based on the New Year’s “staple products” which are considered a standard in the Georgian society

New Year’s count down has begun – one week before the merriest and busiest of all holidays. Georgians are stocking up on products to fill their holiday dinner tables and let the celebration begin. Amid this preparatory celebration frenzy CBW continues its rubric of New Year’s food prices.

Previously we compared the prices in the hypermarket Goodwill and the “Deserter’s Market.” As of today, the prices on these products remain the same. The main rise in the prices is expected to take place this week, as we approach December 31st. This will be the subject of our next issue. In this article we decided to calculate costs of separate New Year’s dishes:

Satsivi is a classic on a Georgian New Year’s supra. Satsivi’s sauce is made from a mix of Turkey stock and walnuts. Turkey costs 60 laris on the market this year.

Turkey – 2-3kg – 60 GEL 

Walnuts – 0,5 kg – 14 GEL     

Garlic – 7 cloves – 0,3 GEL

Onion – 1 – 0,20 GEL      

Total Cost: 74,5 GEL

Roasted piglet is one of the more heavy dishes of the New Year’s supra and its price is relatively easy to estimate since it does not require much extra ingredients. However, the main ingredient, piglet, has become somewhat of a luxury on the Georgian New Year’s dinner table, since it costs 70 laris – a price not every family can afford.

One way to cook piglet is just salting it and putting it in the oven. Another way is putting ajika on it, a hot spicy paste made with red peppers, garlic, herbs and spices. Ajika is not a pricey ingredient and many ready-made products are available in super markets as well as in the local markets. Roasted piglet will cost the following this year:

Piglet 5-6 kg – 70 GEL                               

Total Cost:  70 GEL

Eggplant with walnuts is one of the more traditional dishes that appears on the Georgian supra throughout the year. Since the New Year’s dinner takes place during fasting this non-meat dish is very crucial to have on the dinner table, in order to satisfy every guest’s individual preference. Making eggplants with walnuts will cost you the following:

Eggplants – 2 kg – 5 GEL           

Walnuts – 0,5 kg – 14 GEL

Garlic – 3 cloves – 0,15 GEL

Onion – 1-2 – 0,40 GEL

Total Cost:  19,55 GEL  

 Khachapuri is Georgian cheese bread that is a staple dish at any supra. There are many different types of khachapuri, but the ingredients for most widespread variety imeruli khachapuri made with Imerian cheese are presented here:

Flour – 0,5 kg – 0,90 GEL   

Yeast – 0,1 kg – 0,95 GEL

Milk – 500 ml – 1,95 GEL

Butter – 0,2 kg – 3,67 GEL

Imerian cheese – 1 kg – 11 GEL

Eggs – 2 – 0,70 GEL             

Total Cost:  19,17 GEL

We estimated the cost of herbs and spices, such as utskho suneli, dried coriander, saffron, pepper and clove as 3.00 laris and used this amount as a fixed cost in our dish prices. Especially since these products are usually always present in a Georgian household.

As far as desserts on the Georgian New Year’s supra go, gozinakhi, is the defining element. Gozinakhi is made of slightly roasted walnuts caramelized in honey. This signature dish made with 1 kg of walnuts and 0,8 kg of honey will cost the following this year:

Walnuts – 1 kg – 28 GEL         

Honey – 0, 7 kg – 13,86 GEL 

Total Cost: 41.86 GEL