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55% of Foodpanda’s Customers Are Women

Men are urged to strive for foodpanda surprises by the opposite gender

Ordering online on the fast food market from www.foodpanda.ge is gaining more and more demand. The service is universally acclaimed by people of all ages and professions, from both men and women.

The latest statistics show that it’s the female sex that’s more active and makes up 55% of foodpanda’s userbase. A large portion of men write this result off to the women’s busy schedules and large amounts of duties, while others think that they’re just being lazy and dislike kitchen chores, and have now found the best possible way to impress their other halves – “Foodpanda.”

“Foodpanda offers a simple, safe and wide range to their customers. This is a service that delivers food right to your doorstep, pushing the envelope of e-commerce and having no business model alternatives here at Georgia. Spend your evenings with Foodpanda in warm and comfortable situations – bring your favorite restaurant home.

Several women were asked of their experience with foodpanda. “I’m very glad something like this has started in Georgia!” … “Made things a lot easier for me.” … “The ordering process is so simple – I can do it from my computer or an even more handy phone app” … “Foodpanda’s the answer when you’re up to your nose in work and have no time to make food or even shop for it!” … “I’d suggest everyone use this app when they’re too busy to cook something special they could easily get from a restaurant.” … “I’d give a hint to all men to frequent Foodpanda surprises in their households!”