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Ramboll Might Involve in the Construction of the First Eco City in Eastern Europe

 The representatives of potential partner company Ramboll presented a plan of the project to Gino invest.

The involvement of famous Rambol group company in sense of green energy consumption has been discussed at the meeting at Partnership Fund concering Tbilisi Eco Green City project.

In collaboration with Partnership Fund, Gino Green city corporation starts construction. The project aims to build an eco city where recreational infrastructure such as hotels, entertainment places, trade centers and houses will be located. To fulfill the project, partnership agreement between Gino Green city corporation and partnership fund was signed in September, 2016.

In the frame of the agreement between partners, the first modern style eco city in Eastern Europe will be built on the territory of Tbilisi sea. Entertainment and living infrastructure will be developed according to the investment plans. Tbilisi City Hall gave 261 hectares of the land to Partnership Fund.

Gino green city corporation was founded by Slovakian company Gino invest.The investment cost of the project amounts to 700 million USD. Slovakian export financial bank is also to involve in the project. 

Negotiations between Slovakian and Georgian sides have been going for few months already. Executive director of Partnership Fund, Davit Saganelidze took part in the presentations about invested projects in Georgia, during his visit in Slovakia. The director of Fund met people from business, bank and finance sectors.

Gino invest group collaborates with Partnership Fund for few years already.  They opened a hotel Gino welness rabati in 2013, in Akhaltsikhe, which is very successful in this region. The company also implemented aqua park project Gion Paradise, which is considered as the biggest entertainment and recreational center in Caucasus. The compulsory investment cost of Aqua Park was 7 million euro whereas investors spent 30 million euro.