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LG Glass Starts Procurement and Production of Natural Stone

The first vice-premier of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Dimitri Kumsishvili familiarized himself to the restored factory of LLC “LG Class”.

Participation in the state government program “Produce in Georgia” helped company to develop the new direction. More precisely, LLC “LG Glass”, which usually produces glass, will now start procurement and production of natural stone. For the development of this direction, the company bought basic necessary materials and is planning on increasing the production.

LLC “LG Glass” is successfully implementing the installation of production of thermal glass, ceramic cover, aluminum, doors, windows and other construction materials.

According to the vice-premier Dimitri Kusrashvili, similar products were imported from abroad before, but now it is possible to produce them in Georgia. “It is important that the products mentioned above and extra costs are produced in Georgia and therefore, our country gets benefit from it.” Kumsishvili mentioned that the company is also planning to broaden the plan and soon It will be able to create glass, stone and metal Factories which will provide Georgian market with enough materials.

There are 40 people employed at the company at present.

In the frame of LLC “LG Glass” program “Produce in Georgia”, the company gets financial support, which means that during the first 2 years, the agency of entrepreneurship development will partly finance the project and invest 2 550 000 USD.