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2481 Construction Licenses Issued in Tbilisi in 2016

In January-June 2016, a total of 1334 new buildings were constructed in Georgia, including 416 ones are located in Tbilisi. According to Geostat, the national statistics service of Georgia, residential buildings rank first in total quantity of new facilities, i.e. 708 ones.

The quantity of commercial facilities is 201, industrial and storehouse facilities account for 85. Food outlets account for 40 ones and 34 administrative buildings were also constructed.

As to Tbilisi, 416 new buildings were completed in 6 months and 338 are residential houses. The same tendency exists in other regions too. For example, in Ajara 34 ones from 71 buildings, in Mtskheta-Mtianeti – 48 from 72 buildings, Kvemo Kartli – 121 residential buildings from 207 ones.

The analogical indicators of 2015 show that in January-June 2015 construction works of 1080 buildings were finished, including 486 residential houses: 282 new buildings were finished in Tbilisi and 204 ones were residential buildings.

As to construction licenses, according to Geostat, in January-June 2016, a total of 5195 new construction licenses were issued, including 2481 ones in Tbilisi of which residential buildings account for 1859 ones. Construction licenses were also issued for 101 storehouses, 98 commercial facilities, 60 administrative buildings and 47 hotels.

The quantity of mentioned licenses made up 4649 ones in January-June 2015, down 546 ones compared to 2016. 3038 licenses were issued for residential buildings, 483 – commercial facilities, 236 industrial and storehouses and 130 agriculture facilities.

The quantity of licenses issued in Tbilisi made up 2266 ones, including 1764 ones were issued for residential buildings.