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135 Mln is Mobilized for Construction of Anaklia Port

135 Mln is Mobilized for Construction of Anaklia Port

Company Van Oord will fulfill maritime construction works of Anaklia Port, while selection of the builder, which would carry on construction at the land, will be launched in August.

One of the largest maritime infrastructure companies in the world Van Oord has already fulfilled preliminary construction works. According to Levan Akhvlediani, director of Anaklia Development Consortium, preparatory design is already developed. Interest expression will be announced and tender proposal should be prepared. The constructor will be selected by the end of August in order to start port construction at the end of the year.

According to Akhvlediani, mainly foreign companies will participate in the interest expression, probably only three companies will be Georgian, because local companies have difficulties to submit guarantees.

“At this stage we are finishing negotiations with the operator. We hold negotiations with the banks as well and we are mainly busy with the closure of the capital. About 220 million is capital out of  560 million, at that 135 is already mobilized and 100 million will be gained in the near future, whereas the rest will be loans,”  – Akhvlediani says and notes that the funds are attracted from various sources and from foreign private investors, including the infrastructural foundations.

As for the part of the loan, according to Akhvlediani, it is practically decided that the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will be the leader bank in the part of the loan and the bank will make loan syndication with another 2-3 banks. A loan of total of 340 million will be taken from banks.

“All these processes must be closed at the end of the year in order to start construction,” – said Director of the Consortium of Anaklia Development.