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125 Georgian Years On One Site: Borjomi Web Project

The last 125 years of the history in front of you! Mineral water company Borjomi takes its visitors to a wonderful journey through the Georgian families and have an opportunity to take a glance on how the environment and lifestyle changes throughout the time.

The only things remains is Borjomi. This project was uniquely created for 125th anniversary of Georgian brand of mineral waters – Borjomi.


In this regard, brand manager of Borjomi made the explanations of why and how the idea was creating, in the interview with Marketer.ge she says:


During the working process our aim was to show the historical way of Borjomi, to the broad society and to tell  pretty long story simply and fast and at the same time interestingly. Because of that, with the help of agency “BetterFly” we created unique web page demonstrating our journey presented by 13 decades, where Borjiomi remains the same. This is international project, created for those who know Borjomi.