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100 Billion Business Destroying Psychics of Young Generation

Computer games are one of the high-income businesses in the 21st century. Its volume amounts to 100 billion USD annually and it is not known yet what results it might bring for mankind.

It is still not explained why causes the addiction to computer games, but it is the fact that more and more children become addicted to computer games and it is hardly a good trend. Virtual world is attractive for a lot of teenagers who are unconfident, shy and want to identify themselves with “undefeatable” super heroes. However, there are a lot of other circumstances which makes games so addictive for new generation.

It is already estimated how negative influence it has on children, especially considering how early they start playing the games and getting to know a virtual world.

“Computer games addicts become introverted and they lose the ability to communicate with real people around them. They prefer virtual world to the real one. However for computer games industry, it does not matter. More youngsters play computer games, more income they will get.”

“Few years ago, the age group who was addicted to computer games consisted of young people aged 20-22. Today it got worse and addiction starts as early as 8-9. This results in losing social skills, becoming aggressive and depressed. It is a very dangerous trend, and there should be something done about it”-said psychologist, Lia Kurkhuli.