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Trouble-free 100 Days

Trouble-free 100 days – or how to relax from loan interest rates, when I need money urgently?! Only Terabank provides a valuable answer to this question, at this stage.

To finance the New Year preparations, travel and general expenditures, the Bank offers a New Year gift to consumers. During 100 days after taking the loan, Terabank clients will pay no interest rate on the loan. The 0% interest rate signifies that borrowers are exempted from any payments during the initial 100 days. And during the next 100 days, borrowers will pay only interest rate on principal sum as part of the grace period.

The loan maturity period, limit and interest rates are as follows:

Interest rate on unsecured loan in GEL is 13.5% (effective interest rate starts from 14.3%), in USD – 9.5%  (effective – 10.4%).

At the same time, interest rate on secured loans in GEL are available from 13% (effective – from 13.89%), in USD – from 9% (effective from 9.6%);

Borrowers are able to take secured loans with 120 month maturity period and unsecured loans by 48 month maturity period. Top margin amount of unsecured loan is 45 000 GEL (equivalent in USD).

Consequetnly, you are welcome to visit Terabank finance house before New Year and join Trouble-free 100 Day campaign to finance your New Year or spring plans.