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Tbilisi Mayor calls Banking Sector to be Involved in Green Projects of Tbilisi

Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze met with the heads of commercial banks and within the frames of green policy of Tbilisi City Hall offered cooperation in implementation of planned projects.

Kakha Kaladze talked about the events planned by the initiative of the City Hall, which aims to improve the ecological situation in the city. Representatives of the banks expressed their full support to the projects of City Hall and readiness to actively cooperate with Tbilisi City Hall in terms of environmental challenges.

Pursuant to Mayor of Tbilisi, involvement of commercial banks in these above mentioned projects and working together to overcome ecological problems will be effective.

“We had a presentation on the green policy of the city with the central government, along with the Prime Minister, what projects should be implemented to change existing ecological situation in our country and especially in the capital. In this direction, the City Hall plans to implement a number of projects including the regulation of public transportation, rehabilitation of green spaces, relevant regulations in the construction sector. One of our most important directions is transportation policy. At the end of 2019, existing auto park will be fully replaced with new, ecologically clean buses, which will be   electric, gas and diesel – Euro 6 engine buses. From 2020, we are going to add 200 units, 18-meters long electric buses. Struggle with united efforts in order to solve problems will give us an opportunity to improve existing ecological situation in the city, “said Kakha Kaladze.

According to Tbilisi Mayor, it is important that in the direction of implementation of various projects, there are maximum support and assistance from banks.

“Banks representatives welcome our policies and decisions – express their readiness to implement various projects in the capital. We have heard from them that they are planning to replace the auto park of the banks with the electric and hybrid vehicles. They will even encourage staff in this direction. City Hall will have some advantages in this direction as well – parking lot will be free for electric vehicles throughout the city. Moreover, we will install the chargers. Implementation of all these measures will help to improve the ecological situation gradually, “- stated Tbilisi Mayor.

Pursuant to the banking sector representatives, their priority of a green policy is confirmed with a common decision, that the auto park in the nearest future will be fully replaced with electric and hybrid vehicles and they will encourage their staff in this direction.

Tbilisi Vice-Mayor Irakli Khmaladze and Deputy Mayor Maia Bitadze attended the meeting with the heads of commercial banks.