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TBC Bank Rated Top for “Best Services” in Banking Poll

According to the online poll conducted by the newspaper Banking & Finances the Georgian consumers rate TBC Bank’s services as the best. The poll was conducted at BFM.ge between September 1-14 and 2,222 individuals casted their vote in it.

36% or 793 voters said the TBC Bank offers the best services in Georgia’s banking sector. Bank of Georgia came second in the polls, with 30% or 673 voters.

Ten banks that have most shares on the Georgian market were represented in the poll. Liberty Bank was also named among the three best Georgian banks, with 159 votes, which is only slightly more than those of Bank Republic’s 154.

The rest of the votes in BFM.ge’s poll were allocated the following way: VTB Bank with 117 votes; Procredit Bank with 103 votes; Cartu Bank with 68 votes, Kor Standard Bank with 33 votes, BazisBank with 32 votes, Pasha Bank with 24, other banks received 66 votes in total.

Votes distribution in BFM‘s poll:


2,222 voters participated in BFM.ge’s poll. It is important to note that only one unique vote could be cast from one IP address, which eliminated the possibility of one individual voting several different times.