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TBC Started Agile Transformation

TBC has begun to introduce a modern and flexible Agile system. Agile is a new method of work, which means simplifying processes, reduction of bureaucracy and increasing efficiency.

It is a modern system of work adapted to the leading organizations of the world that facilitate professional growth of employees on the one hand and on the other, to achieve the best results. The principle of working of the Agile implies the unification of employees of different competencies around one project, focusing on the task and more independence.

TBC General Director Vakhtang Butskhrikidze: “TBC is growing rapidly, we have already entered the Uzbek market and we need a more efficient and flexible system of operation. That’s why we are introducing Agile. If there is a lot of bureaucracy in the hierarchical system, I think the transition to this new structure will give more freedom to our employees and the work process becomes much more interesting for them. “

The work with the Agile structure differs from the standard hierarchical system. Instead of directors and departments, leagues, teams, legions and knowledge centers were created.

The leagues define the business direction and they are the largest structural units of the organization. As a rule, the League consists of 50-150 people. The leagues are divided into teams.

The team is an independent, self-organized unit that is created to achieve one goal. It consists of a maximum of 9 members. It is important to join the team with the person with all necessary competences to achieve the goal. That’s the team’s efforts to create the business value that is directly related to the strategic goals of the organization.

The legion is a group of specialists, comprising 5-10 members. Legion is responsible for the creation and standardization of specific competences. Membership of the legion means simultaneous membership of any team.

Knowledge centers are independent of the leagues. Their main task is to support the Agile organization for specific expert knowledge.

About 500 employees of TBC have already started working with the Agile structure. Step by step transformation will be implemented in the whole company.