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TBC Launches Agile Transformation with Mckinsey

TBC has launched an introduction of modern and flexible system – Agile, which is a new method of operation to simplify working process, narrow bureaucracy and grow efficiency.

Agile is a modern operational system adapted by the world’s leading companies. This system grows professionalism of staff and promotes attainment of best outcomes. The principle of Agile calls for unification of employees with various competences around the same project, making focus on specific tasks and expanding their independence. 

TBC director general Vakhtang Butskhrikidze: “TBC keeps growing at high paces. We have already entered the market of Uzbekistan and amid this expansion we needed more efficient and flexible operational system. That’s why we have introduced the Agile system. If there is much bureaucracy in the hierarchic system, I believe the new structure will give more freedom to the staff and make the working process more interesting”. 

Working under the Agile structure differs from other standard structures. Leagues, teams, legions and knowledge centers will replace directors, departments and divisions. 

Leagues – determine business direction and they are the biggest structural units of Agile organization. As a rule, the League unites 50-150 persons. Leagues are divided in teams. 

Team – is an independent, self-organized unit that is shaped for attaining the same objective. It unites no more than 9 members. Thanks to joint efforts these very teams create business values that are directly related to achievement of strategic goals of the organization. 

Legion – a group of specialists of the same competences. It unites 5 -10 members. A legion is responsible for creating specific competence and its standardization. 

Knowledge Centers are to provide specific knowledge and experience for the Agile organization.
At this stage, about 500 employees of TBC have already joined the Agile structure. Transformation process will gradually cover the whole company.