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Buying a Car Insurance at TBC Insurance is Already Available Online

TBC Insurance has created an online platform for car insurance, that allows a customer to purchase it online, in 2 minutes, without leaving home.

One only needs to go to link, answer several questions and pay online, after what insurance is active for vehicle.

TBC insurance will be award its customers- those who buy online insurance, will receive a gift of auto insurance allowance of up to 10,000 GEL and  a driver’s and passenger insurance limit of up to 10,000 GEL.This will insure those losses related to the loss of a third party car in the car accident and the cost of treatment of passengers.

An online purchase procedure is the simplest, it is necessary to specify the name and cost of the car, enter the vehicle and its owner’s personal data and online payment. Online Q&A system will be available soon, which will help a user in the process of filling to receive answers from the agent. 

“When we entered the market, we promised our customers to offer modern, simple products and services. The autonomous online acquisition platform was created based on this strategy. Recently we have created a B Bot, which also offers our customers to buy travel insurance remotely without leaving a chat. We will continue this strategy in the future and offer our innovative and technologically advanced insurance products, “said TBC’s Deputy Director General, David Kiguradze.