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TBC Offers Innovative Online Tools to Business

If you have a business and don’t know what the advantage of your rival is compared to you, if you want to find out more about your shares and position at the market, you won’t have to work so hard anymore. TBC created a business map for you.The project which TBC implemented along with Revenue Service will be available for not only business people but anyone who is interested to get information to conduct a research. The resource will be useful for researchers, business analysts and students.

Business map is one of the numerous innovations which TBC bank presented and according to the TBC bank General Director, Vakhtang Butskhrikidze, the main task of the bank is to turn into the best digital financial institution not only in Georgia but in the whole region. Butskhrikidze decalres that amount of TBC mobile bank and internet users is increasing intensively and he thinks it’s revolutionary to have increased online sales up to 48%. There will be even more innovations in the future and the next new product will be presented in autumn.

Depute Director of TBC bank, Nika Kurdiani explains that business map was based on the information Revenue Service revealed and believes the program will become an important source of information for startupers. He thinks that Georgia should become a country of startups and many new ideas should be turned into reality

“TBC bank continues implementation of digital strategy which aims to create innovative services, comfortable environment and spare time for its customers. TBC bank wants to be the best partner for business. “- declares Kurdiani and explains for business that business map will enable business to research what are the circumstances in the industry they are interested in, even according to geographical location.They can compare amount of staff members, expenses, income, salaries to the same business fields not only locally but on the scale of the whole country.

Information will be presented graphically and easily perceivable.

Minister of Finance, Dimitri Kumisshvili believes that the implementation of the project in private and public sector is the best practice. He talks about the example of Estonia which managed to create a useful product for business by opening public information.

As for saving time and energy, legal person can open an account in TBC from the distance, without having to go to the bank. “Even though we have nicely designed buildings, this innovative offer changes the reality dramatically and customers can use a concrete service from home.

The head of the bank explains that using service is very simple and takes only few minutes. Customer can fill in the claim on the webstie www.tbcbank.com.ge  and after answering few questions online, client automatically registers on internet bank and turn SMS service. If customer wants, he or she can order business card.

Project has been prepared with the active collaboration of National Bank and Revenue Service.

If internetcommunication is not flexible for you, bank took care of it as well and established the service t0 open account remotely. Any legal person can call the centre and fill in the application and the documents will be brought from TBC bank to their residence.

The ones who are interested in business can get necessary practical instrument on the webpage www.tbcbusiness.ge.It is available since 2013 and has more than a million users. From now on, it will have interesting news section where articles, blogs, videos and interesting trends in business and economics will be available.

Renewed webpage will include educational resources which will be useful for startups. There will be information about business plan, budget, money or finance management, human resource management, making agreements, marketing and etc.

The bank leadership is satisfied with partners’ cooperation. In the establishment of innovative products, different financial or marketing group participated. There are PWC, ACT, ADD, BDO, EY, Livingstone among them. Revenue Service, National Bank and National Agency of Public Register were involved from public organizations. Without collaboration with these institutions, it would be impossible to implement the project.

Livingstone, which appeared on the market with the support of TBC bank and nowadays it is a successful digital marketing and advertisement company. Company CEO, Vakhtang Vakhtangishvili recalls how he started his business. His company is already very successful. He declares that TBC offers for startupers are very important. Bank innovative products will help them to make decisions about purchasing real estate, where to buy property or what other alternative can be.