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TBC Group to Create Information Technology Platform in Georgia

TBC Group to Create Information Technology Platform in Georgia

TBC Group is going to create technology platform in Georgia, – founder of TBC Group has announced it while talking about the business support project.

Mamuka Khazaradze considers this initiative interesting and important.

“It seems very interesting to me and we are going to establish centre on the project, where information services will be available. It will gather young people who are engaged in information technology. I think that development of information technologies has a great potential in Georgia and this sector needs to build a platform and gather those people, who are scattered in Georgia and outside the boundaries, in order to accumulate this energy on the one place. I’m confident that we will pass through the same path fast that Israel has gone. Today, there are many start-ups in Israel that become the world’s leading applications”, – said the businessman.

In the same interview, Mamuka Khazaradze has named those directions, which have development potential in Georgia: establishment of the region as an educational center, formation of medical tourism by the creation of strong medical service and become the country transport and logistics hub, in which Anaklia Port will play an important role.

“That gives a great opportunity. This means to bring centers of big companies such as “Amazon”, “Alibaba”, “DHL” or “Ikea” in Georgia and to supply the region from here. This will automatically cause opening of the production. I think that Free Trade Agreement between Georgia and the European Union is a great opportunity that the products produced in Georgia will exempt from taxes in Europe. We should go to the creation of such centers. Many projects will find their place in such centers and FIZs”, – says the businessman.

Mamuka Khazaradze declares support to the start-up business and notes that he tries to support young people even in the craziest ideas.