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TBC Capital’s Report on Georgia’s Energy Sector

TBC Bank’s subsidiary, TBC Capital published a specialized research on Georgia’s energy sector. The report will enable potential investors get informed about the investment opportunities in the energy sector, obtain full and comprehensive information on the sector trends.

The research reviews in detail growth and development opportunities of the hydro energy sector; the growth rate of energy consumption, as well as retail and wholesale price dynamics; growing export opportunities in Georgia’s neighbor countries and in leading trade partner country – Turkey; Georgia’s aspiration to become a regional hub of energy transit and increase energy transmission capacity in the neighbor countries.

„The aim of such research was to demonstrate investment opportunities of the field, attract foreign investor’s attention, provide them with the information and help them discover investment opportunities. In this publication we consolidated TBC Bank’s knowledge and experience accrued through tight cooperation with the sector. This I believe is a valuable source for the investors interested in the field. In long-term perspective, we are highly interested in the development of this sector. In the last 5 years, TBC Bank made investment of GEL 150 million in the fields and we have quite ambitious plans in the future as well“- stated TBC Bank’s Corporate Banking Business and TBC Capital’s director, David Tsiklauri.

TBC Capital which initiated the preparation of this report, besides research activities, also provides brocker and corporate consulting services.  TBC Capital plans to carry out researches targeted at potential investors in the other fields of the economy as well.

The report is published in English language and is available to any person interested in the energy sector at the web page:  tbccapital.ge