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TBC Bank’s Competitive Advantage: Leading customer experience and satisfaction

TBC Bank is a market leader in customer experience among Georgian banks. Focusing on customers’ needs is a priority that is vital to the Bank’s success.
TBC Bank has one of the best-known and most trusted brands in Georgia. This is largely due to its high quality customer experience, strong reputation, long-standing relationships with customers, and innovative marketing campaigns. According to internal and external research, TBC Bank maintained market leading positions in customer experience in 2014. A “Mystery Shopping” study conducted by IPM named TBC Bank as the friendliest provider of banking services in Georgia.
IPM is a leading market research company in Georgia with 15 years of experience of the market and 12 years within the financial services industry. IPM’s Mystery Shopping survey evaluates the service quality of the Bank’s branch and call center employees according to approximately 80 different parameters, each one earning one point for the assessed employee when fulfilled. Parameters cover such important qualitative and quantitative criteria as professionalism, meeting/closing skills, responsiveness, perceived service quality, etc. The final score is a percentage total of scores achieved by all employees out of the maximum 100%.

TBC Bank’s Customer Experience Group
In the current market, provision of superior customer experience is a key differentiating factor for TBC Bank among other banks. The head of customer experience at TBC Bank, David Japaridze, notes the heart of the Bank’s policy is to provide more than even the customers expect.
To achieve that, TBC Bank has created a Customer Experience Group and a well-defined, structure process to ensure that TBC Bank delivers more to its customers than any other bank in Georgia.
“Historically, TBC Bank has been exemplary with its services. The people who serve you at our branches are always kind, they are smiling and they have a positive attitude. The market has always reflected that attitude and reacted adequately,” Japaridze said.
TBC Bank serves over 1.2 million customers through its country-wide network. “For the last 10-20 years, banks around the world have tried different instruments to compete for the global market. They found that diversified products alone were not enough. TBC Bank has this niche – customer experience and services – where it differs from, and is better than, its competitors,” Japaridze noted.
He added that good service is not just about polite and smiling personnel: “It is also about providing an environment that brings comfort. We have a branded scent that no other bank in Georgia has; we have special acoustic music in our branches, which soothes clients; we have mobile and internet banking that is user-friendly and performs well; we have a diversified network of terminals that are readily available – all of this creates great experience and satisfaction for TBC Bank’s customers,” Japaridze said.
He underscored the role of TBC Bank’s internet banking in creating a rewarding experience for clients. In 2013, Global Finance named the site the Best Integrated Bank Site in the world. This was the first global award for a Georgian bank. Fast forward two years and global awards for technical services have become a TBC Bank trademark.

A benchmark for quality and attention
At the heart of its services for local customers, TBC Bank works hard to maintain and build on its reputation as a trustworthy institution that honors its word and pays attention to its clients’ needs.
Going forward, TBC Bank plans to reinforce its core value of putting the customer at the center of the Bank’s corporate culture. The Bank will also continue to invest in staff training and improve clients’ mobile banking experience by introducing simpler, more uniform designs and navigation – as well as new and improved processes for managing clients’ experience across every channel and segment.
“We can wow our clients by providing them with more sophisticated mobile banking services and smarter pay boxes. We know that in the coming years, TBC Bank will offer many more services to allow our clients to stay connected and take care of their business with the Bank without actually having to come to the office,” Japaridze said.
Now TBC Bank plans to enhance the Bank’s position as Georgia’s leading, universal banking group. TBC Bank also continues to strengthen its competitive advantage as a strong brand, with outstanding customer service and the best regional multichannel capabilities.
“As the customer experience department, we have a strategy that we follow. One of the measures of our success is customer satisfaction. All our studies show than we have excellent dynamics in this direction. We are the leaders in the market,” Japaridze said.