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TBC Bank Professionals to Manage Clients’ Free Financial Resources

TBC Bank, for the first time in Georgia, plans to introduce a financial assets professional management system in the country.

TBC Bank offers clients to use the service of professionals in managing their free money resources. To this end, an investment foundation has been established with support of TBC Bank that, under the preliminarily-determined strict strategy, will invest fund in bond and loan obligations in Georgia and abroad.

Investment diversification will ensure high profitability and lower risks. The Foundation’s structure is based on European experience and is managed by a company licensed in Europe. This company is led by Temo Cheishvili and Vasil Revishvili, professionals with multiyear experience.

Since 2000 Temo Cheishvili has worked on various positions in structures of the world’s leading banks of  Barings and ING, including on the positions such as an investment management director, vice-president for corporate finances, senior manager for investment products and strategic consultant. The geography of his career comprises the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Eastern Europe.

He started career by restructuring loan portfolios and assets of state banks. He has successfully fulfilled this mission in European and Asian countries. Since 2004 Temo Cheishvili entered the investment business. He has successfully managed about 20 investment foundations in Luxembourg, Netherlands, USA and Singapore. As a result, he has drawn several tens of billions of EUR.

Starting 2007 Temo Cheishvili made focus on developing and managing investment portfolios by use of bond, stock, derivatives and  loan financial instruments for central and commercial banks and major pension foundations (Germany, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russian Federation, South Africa, Botswana, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates).

Temo Cheishvili has successfully formed and implemented strategic alliances with financial institutions in New East and Asia. He was elected as a head of a joint investment company in Saudi Arabia.

Temo Cheishvili owns MA degree from Swedish Ludin University and has passed special programs of management and professional development in investment management and top management at London Business School, Amsterdam Institute of Finance, INSEAD, Chartered Alternative Investment Association and Euromoney Singapore.

He speaks Georgia, Dutch, English, French and Russian languages fluently.

Vasil Revishvili chairs TBC Bank Investment Foundation. His career started in the credits management department of the EU foundation. Later he joined  the investment center of Georgia. His professional experience in Georgia includes working period in the World Bank (WB). In 2004 Vasil Revishvili joined the team of Pictet Asset Management, a Swiss bank assets management company and was appointed as a risks manager in London, later as a head of investment risks department in Geneva and London, where he had to manage risks of portfolios with total value of 120 billion USD.

In the same company, Vasili has worked as a senior investment manager since 2007 and managed 3 billion investment foundation, based on macro research and algorithmic models.

In 2008 he returned to Georgia and took over management of assets and accumulated property of one of the major Georgian commercial banks. Besides rich professional experience, Vasil Revishvili has received higher education ar the world’s leading universities – he obtained Finance MA degree at London Business School.

TBC Bank manage is pleased to enable clients to make investments in the international-level foundation and the multiyear experience of the foundation managers will be directed to successful management of the client’s accumulated property.